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Automate CDC Payments

Setup Recurring Payments

Automate CDC Payments

automate payments
  • Select A Payment Type

    The drop-down list indicates each type of payment which can be automated through this form.

  • Enter An Amount

    Enter the amount of your contribution without a $ dollar sign. An example amount entry would be: 50.00

  • Enter Child's Name

    To prevent delay in posting your payment, please ensure you enter your Child's name as they are registered.

  • Enter Frequency and Payment Cycle

    For example to set contributions to occur every two weeks: Frequency = 2 & Cycle = weeks.

  • What You'll See at Checkout

    For this example at checkout you would see:
    Description: Tuition      Terms: $375 for 2 weeks      Amount: $375

  • Automated Transactions

    In this case, you'd make payment of $375 for 2 weeks Tuition and that transaction would process automatically every 2 weeks, until you alter or cancel the recurring payment.

Access Your Recurring Payments Anytime

    YOU CAN:
  • Make Changes
  • View History
  • Cancel Recurring Payments

Simply login to with the email address and password you used when you setup recurring payments.

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